Alienated Spaces

  • Type: temporary exhibition (academic project)
  • Year: 2014
  • Institution: PAC Milano
  • Location: Milan, Italy
  • Topic: contemporary art

The project has been developed during the course Exhibition Design Studio in Politecnico di Milano. The aim is to propose a concept for a temporary exhibition of artworks within the spaces of PAC (the Contemporary Art Pavilion) in Milan. The task requires a full-phase approach to the project including research, title proposal, curatorial work, selection of artists, positioning of the artworks within the space and decisions with regard to their presentation as well as development of a visual identity & branding materials (poster, catalogue, souvenirs).

The title of the developed exhibition concept is Alienated Spaces and it presents works of Italian and international artists who look at the topic of solitude and the tendency of distancing between people in the contemporary world.