• Type: temporary exhibition
  • Year: 2019
  • Institution: Museum of Humor and Satire
  • Location: Gabrovo, Bulgaria 
  • Topic: architecture, history
  • Tasks: exhibition design 

The exhibition tells the story of the nonuments (no+monument) – buildings that have lost or altered their symbolic values ​​as a result of changes in politics, economy or social sphere.

The exhibition presents examples from Central and Eastern Europe from the platform, focusing on the monument on Buzludzha Peak, built as the home of the Bulgarian Communist Party. It includes documentary materials, photographs and films from the design, planning, construction, operation, closure, looting and demolition of the monument on Buzlidzha. Cartoons and jokes complement the documentary part of the exhibition.

The exhibition “Nonument” was presented at the 24. Gabrovo Biennial of Humor and Satire in Art – “Dimensions of Publicness” as part of the M.A.P.S. project (Mapping and Archiving of Public Spaces). It is developed jointly by the Museum of Humor and Satire, Association “Information Bureau”, MoTA (Slovenia), WHMEDIA (Austria), Tačka komunikacije (Serbia), Center for Central European Architecture (Czech Republic) and ArtOS Foundation (Cyprus) with the support of the Creative Europe Program, National Fund “Culture” and District Administration of Stara Zagora.


  • Curator: Margarita Dorovska
  • Exhibition design: Martina Deneva
  • Logo and visual identity: Studio Lunohod
  • Graphic design: Ivan Ginev, COG Graphics
  • Production: Stefan Kazakov, Elena Nikolova, Dimka Koleva, Velina Kazakova
  • Technical equipment and multimedia: Petyo Yordanov