Sharlan-making Workshop in Museum ETAR

  • Type: permanent exhibition
  • Year: 2017
  • Institution: Museum ETAR
  • Location: Gabrovo, Bulgaria 
  • Topic: ethnology, history, crafts, traditions
  • Tasks: exhibition design, graphic design 

The sharlan-making workshop in Museum ETAR is a copy of the house of Yonko Kolchev from Gabrovo. The original house was built in 1870 and later – the late 1960s – it was reconstructed on the Museum’s craftsman street. The building houses a workshop for making walnut oil (sharlan).

In 2017, the workshop in Museum ETAR was renovated by adding a modern lighting system, information modules, illustrations and software applications. In the modernized space visitors can get a better understanding of the old craft and understand curious facts about it. The workshop’s tools and facilities are highlighted through professional spotlights, the story of the workshop is presented in a video by an actor while the technological process is explained through new information boards. Finally the functioning of the mill mechanism is visualized through a special “augmented reality” software product while an interactive thematic application on a tablet presents interesting facts about the craft. 

The renovation of the exposition was realized through a partial financial support from the Ministry of Culture.