Space Traces

  • Type: travelling exhibition (academic project)
  • Year: 2015
  • Location: Merate, Italy
  • Topic: science, technology, engineering

The project has been developed as part of a graduation thesis at Politecnico di Milano. Space Traces is a concept for a mobile exhibition that presents the numerous products and technologies existing in our everyday life which have “space” origin = they have been initially designed to be used in space. The target public of the exhibition are both children and adults and its goal is to create interest for the space science field in Italy and in Europe. The concept of the exhibition includes content research and curation, furniture design, space organization, interaction and user experience as well as graphic design and development of branding and merchandise materials.

Space Traces aims to present successfully the complex scientific topic of the space technologies to the general public by using physical artefacts, prototypes and digital materials. The exhibition design is divided in four main areas defined by different colors and all modules inside are easy to transport, assemble and disassemble as well as adapt to different spaces. In terms of interactive solutions hands-on modules are combined with technical elements such as touch-screen tables, audio-visual material and a mobile application.