The Age of Memes

  • Type: temporary exhibition
  • Year: 2023
  • Institution: Museum of Humor and Satire
  • Location: Gabrovo, Bulgaria
  • Topic: Internet, popular culture, humor, satire
  • Tasks: project management, curation, exhibition design, graphic design 

The Age of Memes is a visual journey into the world of the funny images that have forever changed the way people communicate on the Internet. The exhibition presents popular examples from Bulgaria and abroad such as memes with cats, politicians and iconic characters from the popular culture. The topic is further explored in the context of the digital age and the communication revolution, where the meme is seen both as a tool for self-expression and as an instant commentary on what is happening around us. The exhibition design concept aims to convey the feeling of dynamics, speed and visual richness typical for the online experiences. The exhibition space is divided in four thematic areas marked by colors from the visual identity of the project.

The exhibition “The Age of Memes” is part of the research project “Pop-Culture, Pop-Politics: The Digital Turn”, supported by the Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Education and Science.


  • Curators: Martina Venkova, Nikolay Dievski, Margarita Dorovska
  • Exhibition and graphic design: Martina Venkova
  • Texts: Martina Venkova, Nikolay Dievski, Margarita Dorovska
  • Production: engineer Petyo Yordanov, Ivan Minchev, Ioan Tsonev, Dimka Koleva, Dragomila Doykin
  • Construction: Valentin Petrov 2004 Ltd.
  • Furniture: Smart Design Plus Ltd.
  • Print materials: Visart Ltd.